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vb: pret, ptp vt merchandise, items → verkaufen (sb sth, sth to sb jdm etw, etw an jdn); coverage policy → abschließen (to mit); (small business) products → verkaufen, absetzen; I was marketed this in Valencia → man hat mir das in Valencia verkauft; the guide bought three,000 copies → von dem Buch wurden three.000 Exemplare verkauft; he could sell a fridge to an Eskimo → er könnte einem Eskimo einen Eisschrank andrehen (inf) → or aufschwatzen (inf); to sell insurance policy (for the dwelling) → Versicherungsvertreter(in) m(f) → sein; to sell a person’s daily life dearly → sein Leben teuer verkaufen; he marketed himself to your enemy → er hat sich an den Feind verkauft; to sell one’s entire body → seinen Körper verkaufen; to sell just one’s soul to someone/a little something → jdm/einer Sache seine Seele verschreiben; fashionable man has bought his soul → der moderne Mensch hat seine Seele verloren; what are you selling it for?

The company will sell off a few of its property to raise funds. If he requires dollars he must sell off his selection of paintings.

The main working day, I would have bought 100 and fifty of those clocks if I had the money--And that i did get 3-- but over the third day the illness experienced operate its program, I'd convalesced, and was in the market once more--wanting to sell.

Green Bay activities heat, humid, routinely very hot summers and extended, chilly and snowy winters. The variance in temperature and precipitation concerning months is critical and sometimes Extraordinary. Tornadoes are unusual during the Green Bay place, Together with the strongest being an F3 twister that hit the community of Pittsfield on June 26, 1969.[22]

one : a deliberate deception : hoax two : the act or an occasion of selling three : one thing to generally be sold or prompted to generally be recognized The brand new thriller novel was a straightforward sell visit our website also : anyone to whom a thing is bought The brand new getting agent was a tricky sell sell

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two. a betrayal. The gang understood it absolutely was a sell-out and experimented with to escape. verraad خِيانَه предателство traição zrada der Verrat forræderi προδοσίαtraición, engaño pettus آدم فروشي petos trahison לִבגוֹד गद्दारी izdaja, prevara árulás pengkhianatan svik tradimento 裏切り 배신 išdavystė nodevība pengkhianatan verraadforræderizdrada غولو نه ، ‏‏خيانت traição trădare измена zrada izdaja izdaja fileörräderi, svek ทรยศ ihanet 出賣 зрада دھوکا sự phản bội 背叛

[14] The tribe experienced Obviously distinguished gender roles. The Males ordinarily hunted and fished for food items, along with the Females processed game along with other foods in cooking. They ready and built outfits from your furs in addition to making use of other portions of animals for resources, twine, and many others. Girls also had a role from the political course of action, as no motion might be taken devoid of settlement of 50 percent from the Ladies. Nicolet stayed with this particular tribe for approximately a 12 months, turning into an ally. He assisted open more helpful hints up opportunities for trade and commerce with them just before returning to Quebec.[fourteen]

There is not any central listing of member Workplace public e-mail addresses. Every member of Congress establishes their Business's coverage related to the processing and administration of e-mail. Normally, if a member includes a community e-mail handle, it can be found about the member's Web page.

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Start by building the mattress, clear and Manage any area spots such as tops of dressers, etc. Place absent all litter and apparel, vacuum and dirt the home, cleanse any smudges Which might be about the mirror, tie back or deal with up curtains, And eventually, if you want, light-weight a candle to help make the area smell good or open up a window!

sell, trade, deal - do organization; give available as for a single's livelihood; "She promotions in gold"; "The brothers sell shoes"

cede, surrender, throw in the towel, provide - relinquish possession or Command in excess of; "The squatters had to surrender the making after the police moved in"

When everything is out, clean up The cupboard inside. Soaked or dry, or dry then damp then dry; just basically receive the dirt out.

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